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This bootcamp will cost you absolutely nothing!

10 Canva Courses

We have cooked up 10 mini Canva Courses, each containing a hands-on project that will help you grow your business.

in 14 days

If you can complete the 10 courses in 14 days, they will cost you absolutely nothing!

Bootcamp Program

✅ How to design irresistible thumbnails

Indeed, in this class we are going to show you how to create irresistible thumbnails with Canva. Thumbnails that will give people a good reason to click on your videos!

We will be using Canva to reproduce the thumbnails of 2 of our best performing videos on YouTube. So we will be working with real life projects and real time performance indicators.


✅ How to Create beautiful landing pages

In this course we are going to build your very own website with Canva! You’ll see how easy it is to come up with a simple website or landing page that helps you promote your business or that new project you are working on.


✅ How to Create Animated Stories

In this course we are going to show you how to create animated stories that get the attention of your audience. 

We will be designing a 4 page story to promote a specific offer we have for our business. The story will be animated meaning: we will be using moving elements from Canva to add some movement to your design.


✅ How to Create Zoom Backgrounds

In this course we are going to add a bit of fun to our Zoom conversation by creating virtual backgrounds with Canva, these backgrounds will later be uploaded to Zoom for everybody to see them.

This class is for everybody who is already using Zoom for making video call or who is thinking about downloading the app. You’ll need a Zoom account and a Canva account – the good news is: both are free 😉


✅ How to Create your own Bitmoji

How cool would it be to create a cartoon character that looks just like you?

In this course we are going to build your very own Bitmoji and connect it with Canva so you can have fun designing with your cartoon character! This will give you a new set of visuals to develop your personal brand.


✅ How to Create a Killer Resume

Did you know that, on average, recruiters will spend about 6 seconds looking at your CV?

Knowing that, what can you do to catch their attention and give them a good reason to keep reading?

In this class we are going to teach you how to create a Killer Resume with Canva. A resume that will stand out from the crowd and get you noticed!

We will be looking at the most recent trends in terms of CVs and then jump into Canva to create your very own resume. In the class we’ll use Ronny’s real life CV as our example and he’ll show you how he created it with Canva.


✅ How to Create Professional Photos Without a Studio

YES, there is a (much!) better alternative to stock photos if you don’t have a professional studio.

NO, you don’t need to be a professional or have the highest-end phone to achieve amazing professional photos.

Do you have a regular phone camera and a Canva account?

Do you like to play?

Then YOU also can achieve outstanding pro-looking photos.

In this course, we’ll be replicating a professional advertising poster, based on portrait and product photos we took at home.

This class is for everybodya couple of features are for Canva Pro users only but we’ll give tips on how to use them even if you are a Canva Free user. 😉


✅ How to Create Animated Social Media Posts

In this course, we’ll be creating 2 animated posts with Canva (for Facebook and Instagram) to promote an e-commerce product or service. We’ll go through all key Canva elements and teach you how to build eye-catchy moving designs (and we’ll also share a few out-of-the box tricks of our own).

This class is for everybodya couple of features are for Canva Pro users only but we’ll give tips on how to use them even if you are a Canva Free user. 😉

Let us show you around!


✅ Mockups: How to Give Life to Your Designs

In this course, we’ll take you on a journey in which you’ll get a quick theoretical introduction on mockups, followed by a hands-on practical tutorial on how to bring your products, designs or services to real life, so that your clients realize all the amazing potential YOU are offering (and how much they need you 🙂


✅ How to Create Convincing Business Proposals

Based on our own real-life personal and professional experience (both our non-profit organization and our online classes business), we created this course to teach you how to create irresistible, brilliant and powerful Business Proposals so THEY know YOU are THE perfect fit for the job/project you are applying for.

This class is meant for anyone who designs with Canva and is willing to get more clients. Some of the specific elements we’ll be using are from Canva Pro but you can perfectly follow along if you are a Canva Free user as well.

Where is the Bootcamp hosted?

The RonDi Bootcamp is hosted on Skillshare.

Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more.

With our link you’ll benefit from 14 days of free trial of Skillshare Premium. This is 7 days more than what you can get from Skillshare website!

This is because we are teachers from the platform and can offer this special deal to our students 🙂

On top of this, you’ll not only benefit from our courses but thousands of courses more from other instructors around the world!

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